2019 International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering, Energy Resources and Environment Engineering (ACCESE 2019) will be held on June 28-30, 2019 in Jinlin Jianzhu University, China. The following information about the schedule is for your reference:

June 2813:00-17:00Registration
June 2909:00-12:00Speeches of Keynote Speakers
14:00-17:30Oral Presentations
June 3009:00-18:00 Academic Investigation

Note:(Meeting location is different from hotel location)


Conference Venue(会议举办地点):

Conference Venue ACCESE 2019 will take place at the Jilin Jianzhu University.(No. 5088, Xincheng Street, Nanguan District, Changchun City, Jilin Province

 2019年土木工程、能源资源与环境工程研究进展国际学术会议(ACCESE 2019)吉林建筑大学土木教学馆(一楼圆形报告厅)举行。(吉林省长春市南关区新城大街5088号

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The hotel and contact details are as follows(酒店以及联系方式如下):

Ruide Celebrity Art Hotel(长春睿德名人艺术酒店

1.Hotel Website:  Click   


2.Hotel contact number:0431-85803333


3.Hotel Address:Intersection of Xincheng Street and Tianfu Road (Building B3, Nuoruide International Business Plaza) Nanguan District Changchun China

 酒店地址:长春南关区净月开发区新城大街与天富路交汇处诺睿德国际商务广场B3栋 ,临近净月大学城,巴蜀映巷。

4.The organizing committee has already negotiated the preferential price with the hotel. The specific information and the booking method are as follows:


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>>Deluxe Double Room: 328 RMB/50 USD【Two beds, Internet and two breakfasts included】   


>>Deluxe King Size Room: 328 RMB/50 USD【One bed, Internet and two breakfasts included】  

 豪华大床房,328元/天 (一个床位、Interenet网、两份早餐)


酒店到会议厅.png 高铁.png

火车.png 机场.png

* Distance between the conference location and the hotel location:1.1km, 15min

* 会议地点与酒店地点距离:1.1km, 15min

* Changchun Movie Wonderland/Jingyuetan: 6.7km, 13min

* 长影世纪城/净月潭:6.7km, 13min

* Longjia International Airport: 38.1km, 46min

* 龙嘉国际机场:38.1km, 46min

* Changchun Railway Station: 17.0km, 30min

* 长春火车站:17.0km, 30min

* Changchun West Railway Station: 23.4km, 37min

* 长春西站(高铁站):23.4km, 37min

* Jingyue University Town: 3.45km, 5min

* 市中心:9.4km, 16min

* Jilin Museum:5.5km, 10min

* 吉林自然博物馆:5.5km, 10min


All reservation with special rate should be done by the Committee of ACCESE 2019. if you want to attend the conferenceplease send us Listener_Registration_Form to the Email Address .

Listene_Registration_Form:  Download

如若要参会请务必发送参会回执表点击下载)至 组委会指定邮箱ACCESE@163.com否则无法保证住宿安排。